Classic Pools

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In-Ground Pools

Custom Built In-Ground Pools

  • We visit your property and measure/survey your backyard.
  • Together we discuss pool shape, size, depth, equipment and design features.
  • We will recommend options including pool decks, landscaping treatments, and construction materials.
  • After the visit our team will write-up an estimate and discuss the pool plan with you.

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Featured Project

We built this pool in Verbank, NY.

Above-Ground Pools

An Economical Solution for Many Years of Swim

  • Our signature above-ground pools a backed by a limited 40-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Vinyl shield coated galvanized steel frame for maximum durability.
  • 52" height, available in oval or circular shapes..
  • All quotes cover delivery, installation and maintenance training.

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One-Day Assembly!

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Pool Liner Replacement

Quick Replacement of Your Pool Liner

  • Free on-site evaluation of your damaged pool liner.
  • We'll replace the pool liner. This will make the pool appear like-new.
  • We'll order the liner per your pool's specification and setup an installation date that's convenient for you.
  • Installation is usually done in one day, depending on the condition of your pool.

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Featured Project

This pool had major liner damage. We were able to bring new life to it.

Pool Testing & Treatment

Experts Confirm the Health of Your Pool Water

  • A free service conducted by professionals.
  • Drop-off a pool water sample to our store, and we'll provide a complimentary water analysis.
  • We will test the levels of Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, Salt, Cyanuric Acid, Solids, Metals, and Phosphates.
  • If the pool water is unbalanced, we'll recommend the appropriate pool treatment to restore water back to optimum levels.

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Free Service

Is your pool water optimal? Bring us a water sample for testing.